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From the Andes and the Fury City, Ortiz de Zárate and Dartagnan exchange steps that combining mischievousness neighborhood and spices mood to found TANGO! Both made cinema in Argentina and after cultivating great experience in local cinema, they ventured to the most powerful city in the advertising market, São Paulo. Ortiz de Zárate has strong narrative power, has worked in large agencies and Dartagnan has a striking visual style. TANGO! merger to the beat of different Latin American looks, makes them the perfect blend of aesthetics, narrative and sound.

After all… It Takes Two to Tango. Let's dance?

Pepsi Black - Experimente
Feiraço TENDA - Elevador
Feiraço TENDA - Controle
Feiraço TENDA - Chaveiro
JEEP - Pantanal
Chocolates Brasil Cacau
Corinthians International Day of Down Syndrome
Far From Alaska - About Knives
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