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Raphael Rodriguez is on audiovisual since 2007, graduated in Advertising and born in Santos, began his career in post-production as an editor and over the years has gone through all areas of a production company, was ahead in the direction of production Lemonade by a good time.


He studied Cinematography at the AIC where he began a phase in the direction of small projects of production, creativity and restlessness ended up taking him to stage direction, where he served not only the direction but also in the design and creation of projects.


Fedex, Monte Carlo and Jeep are some of their most recent projects where he could explore a beautiful direction with actual cast. complete professional, today as Partner, Executive Producer and Director Scene, creates amazing designs for Digital quality and agility, of course it should all this to your sun in Capricorn.

Monte Carlo Jóias - Aflore
Sprinter Truck - Apelido
MONTE  CARLO - Grazi Massafera
JEEP - de pai pra filho
SBT DO BEM - Grades - Mês de Proteção aos Animais
SBT DO BEM - Outubro Rosa - Empodere-se
SBT DO BEM - Alfabetização
RAM Origens - Episódio 1
Feirão BIG - Fresca
FedEx | Cecilia Prado
FedEx Small Business - Nordweg
P&G Pantene | Bomba
P&G Sensodyne | Small Big Moments
P&G Sensodyne | Small Big Moments
Pantene | Happy Girls
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