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Tell stories that need to be told. That's what drives me to make films, whether it's writing a script, directing or assisting the director. ​


Cinema came into my life in 2014, after dedicating 12 years of my career to the corporate world, where I worked for companies like Natura, HP and Eagle’s Flight. ​


In 2014 I took a script course in SP and in February 2015, I resigned and went to New York, where I stayed there for 1 year and a half studying script and throwing myself into the world of cinema. ​ There I had the opportunity to do production assistance for the production company Smuggler and in some independent films.


Back in Brazil, I write scripts and direct commercials, documentaries and fiction. ​ “Ana”, my first short film, written and directed by me, independently and with no money, went through 20 festivals around the world and won 12 awards. ​

Ah, I forgot to tell you, but I am also trained as a storyteller for children, improviser and clown, where I worked in hospitals as a volunteer. ​ Come in, make yourself comfortable and don't mind the mess. Manu Berlanga

Storytel apresenta: Harry Potter (Director's Cut)
Ford - Bronco Sport com Rodrigo Hilbert EP1
Seara Levíssimo - Sábio
JEEP - Pantanal
Reel Manuela Berlanga
Mães | Mothers
Itaú - Dia das mães
Juju Bootcamp Trailer
Storytel e Ícaro Silva
As cores da minha vida por Taís Araújo
Santander Investor Day
Outback - Um dia de Outbacker
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