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CREATIVE DIRECTOR With a background in artistic direction and music production, he started directing for advertising in 2017, in 2019 he was awarded 3 ADstars + columnists award + creative club yearbook with the film "the song that everyone should know the lyrics", by cnmp with the support of the european union, which celebrates the 70th anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights.


IN 2021, HE WAS AWARDED A BRONZE IN THE "FILM" CATEGORY OF THE EL OJO FESTIVAL WITH THE FILM "YES" FOR ABTO. Allied with creation, it uses any circumstance in favor of the film, and translates the personality and objective of each campaign into concept and aesthetics.


From the idea to completion, it closely monitors all stages of the work and maintains a proper dialogue with all departments.


Versatile and aggregator, he easily leads teams of all sizes and believes that the soul of each project lies in the choice of language. In recent years, he has filmed for brands such as bradesco, Caixa, ford, itaipava, heavy love, corinthians, ministry of health, SAMSUNG, HSTERN, BURGER KING, in agencies such as gtb, artplan, fields360, propeg, MUTATO, y&B, TRACYLOCKE, among others .

Abto [] Yes. [pt]
CNMP [] Direitos Humanos [] Teaser [45"]
Get Ready. Every Day. [Quarantine]
Heavy Love [] The Power Of Love
DAY [] Geminiana [Music Video]
Heavy Love [] The Power Of Love [teaser]
Bradesco [] Mesada de Gente Grande
Ministério da Saúde [] Proteger o Futuro
Feel The Freedom [] Heavy Love
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